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Crystal Blue


         Clear Credit Clients           -          Lower Interest Rates            -           Reduced Risk Fees          -          Cash out for business           -          24 month ABN

Bluestone is always looking for ways to help you help your clients. That is why we have launched our new 'Crystal Blue' loan designed to help clear credit self employed borrowers get the finance they need when they need it. By using a transparent and understanding approach we will assess every scenario on its merits including the income calculation where there is no set criteria or pre-determined rules which may have restricted your clients in the past. 

We understand it can be difficult for self-employed borrowers, Crystal Blue is the latest product in the range of solutions that Bluestone offers to help Australia’s SME market. Perfect for contractors in any industry with low to medium expenses.


Product Solutions 

  • Business Expansion
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Unusual Income Sources
  • Payout ATO Debts 
  • Cash out for business purposes
  • GST registered for 1 day
  • All defaults less than $1000 ignored
  • and many more ..........

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Eligibility Criteria

Australian Resident

Must be a permanent resident residing in Australia

Age of Borrowers

  • 25 years for Investment Properties where income is self certified
  • 18 Years for all other loans
Maximum no limit (subject to independent legal advice)

Loan Term

Minimum 15 years – Maximum 30 years

Maximum LVR

80% - dependent on security location

Minimum Loan Amount


Number of Borrowers

A maximum of 4 borrowers per loan


Serviceability requires a net surplus after loan repayment, living expenses
and other commitments


Company structure
  • Only 1 company per loan
  • Maximum of 4 directors
  • Unlimited personal guarantees required from all directors
  • Shareholders must be directors or spouse of the directors


Family Trust structure
  • Only 1 trust per loan
  • Unit or discretionary trusts permissible