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Self Employed Lending Solutions

We can help you find a solution for your self-employed and SME clients, no matter whate stage of business they are at. We understand the self-employed market and know that it's the detail that can make all the difference. Taking the time to understand the needs of your client we will find a solution for them from our range of products.

Our Loans

Crystal Blue
Designed for borrowers with clear credit it provides an understanding approach to the income calculation and does not rely on universal criteria or rules. Perfect for contractors and tradespeople in any industry with low to medium expenses. Also available for PAYG. Find out more

Business Easy
For self-employed applicants (individuals, companies and trusts) trading less than 12 months but with a minimum 3 month ABN registration who are intending to evidence their income with provision of bank statements showing regular trading income. Find out more

Lite Blue
For self-employed applicants, trading for 12 months or more designed for individuals, companies and trusts who have or are intending to evidence their income with provision of bank statements, Accountants Letter or BAS showing regular trading income. Find out more

Clean Slate
For applicants who are able to provide full income details it is designed for self-employed borrowers where income is fully supported by evidence of payslips, full financials and tax assessment notices. Also available for PAYG Find out more

Variable and Fixed rates are available


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Our Customers

Bluestone’s loans are designed to be more flexible than those of a traditional lender. Our customers come from all walks of life and we believe we serve a broader and more representative cross-section of the community than any other lender. This diversity applies to personal situation, employment type, length of time in the country, age and business type.

Many of our customers are self-employed, and we understand the myriad of difficulties facing small business proprietors,both in terms of managing cash flow within a business, and in demonstrating serviceability when it comes to applying for a loan. Some of our customers have had credit problems (we don’t find that surprising as around 10% of the community have) and to them we offer an open mind and an understanding approach.

We have customers in their 80s, others who have only recently arrived in the country, entrepreneurs in the early stages of starting a business, recent divorcees funding the division of their assets, and successful business people raising working capital to expand their businesses. We lend to people who are consolidating expensive credit cards and store cards to reduce their monthly repayments, property investors raising funds to purchase another property, borrowers with credit problems looking to put them in their past, and contractors working on a variety of short-term contracts.

3 S's of Lending

Bluestone will generally lend against residential security properties that are complete and not under construction located in an acceptable security location. We don’t lend against some property types; for example construction projects, serviced apartments, vacant land, exotic properties, pubs and theme parks.
This describes the background to your loan application, and in this regard Bluestone is quite different to other lenders. Rather than using computer-based credit scoring to process loans, our experienced team of assessors take the time to look at the background of your application to form a view. We do so without passing judgement, and with an open mind – we are no there to judge you, merely to form a view on whether you intend,and are able, to service your loan without hardship. We ask that you provide us with honest and complete information to assist us in making our decision.

This describes your ability to make regular repayments on your loan. Bluestone will not lend unless we are comfortable, based on what you tell us, that you can service your home loan without financial hardship. We use a serviceability calculation based on your or our cost of living estimate (whichever is highest), plus any other debts that you must pay, plus the cost of servicing your Bluestone loan. We may ask for bank statements and other evidence to support your ability to service your loan.