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Capital Management

Bluestone Capital Management (BCM) specialises in the financing or acquisition of asset backed portfolios or real estate anchored opportunities, often in partnership with Capital Partners including fixed income managers, principal finance groups and alternative investment fund managers. 

To ensure a close alignment of interests, BCM will typically co-invest alongside capital partners in a transaction, often taking a first loss position to demonstrate confidence in the pricing, terms and structure of each opportunity.

A key attraction of Bluestone to external capital partners and investors is the seamless relationship BCM has with its sister business, BAM, which ensures that Bluestone mobilises a motivated and skilled resource driving optimal performance from the assets being financed or acquired.

BCM and the broader Bluestone Group has arranged in excess of $6bn in funding for assets originated by the Group since 2000 and has co-invested over $100m of its own funds in transactions with capital partners. BCM's role in each transaction covers the origination of the opportunity, leading the due diligence on the underlying assets, capital raising and the structuring of the final investment.

BCM's core management team have a broad range of experience in structured credit, asset backed and real estate financing.